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"wrapped In Plastic Bag"

Reviewer Niatpac Nagrom
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It seems to be a very common (or too common) habit in Nordic Countries to wrap cache containers in plastic bags. I want to recommend every cacher to remove those bags, as they usually do not keep the container dry, but just the opposite, and finally the container can be very disgusting - wet, slimy and there may even grow mould outside the container. I've personally seen such containers in Sweden and Finland.


If you want to guarantee that the contents of your cache will stay dry, use instead waterproof containers, like new Curver-boxes, and place the cache contents inside a ziplock bags - put the trade items into a bigger bag and logbook and cache note to a smaller bag. And its good the to use cap with pens, so they don't make holes in ziplock bags. And if possible, place also silica gel dryers in side bags.


Regards, Olli

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I do understand that a Curver-type box is the best to use, however it is always a temptation to use a 'freeware' box when available. There seems to be an endless supply of empty candy boxes available for everybody. I have been checking those couple of times and some of them seem to be quite acceptable if you select carefully.

Are the experiences only bad with these candy boxes ?? Broken on wintertime ??

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I agree with the fact that adding a plastic bag usually leads to the exact opposit effect of what is needed...and transform the boxes in swimming pool. Plactic boxes are convenient because it's easy to find in stores, with various shapes and it's cheap. But if you consider spending just a bit more time on that game go to your nearest army outlet, you'll find that these people dealing with "outdoor activities" (such as killing people :lol: ... ) have designed a full range of very convenient containers! (for amunition, medicine, food...) usually in metal with seals they are really strong and usually green(so no need to waist your time in painting a plastic box, the painting will never stay anyway...) I personnaly use boxes that were used in tanks to put the first aid kit from the french army. It's the best container ever, I have made some cache with and after several long month in the snow it remains perfectly adapted (I live in Switzerland). And the price was cheaper than a plastic box... another advantage: the animals can't open it with their teeth...(I'am sure you have already seen some destroy plastic boxes. In Europe you find these "Surplus" everywhere, this is a growing industry! :P

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I disagree with the statement that plastic bag soak water - it vary based on how people treat it. Of course it requires that it is locked properly with a clips or twisted around and put properly in place. I have very good experience with mine during snowy winter. The dirty plastic bags should be changed in the spring to avoid moist and dirt during snow melting.


Instead of removing the packaging that owners have prepared (and I will be mad if anyone do that with mine), it is better to help each other and spend the extra seconds to close it properly, and place the container back to its original place. Unfortunately some cachers don't do that, which create the unpleasant conditions.


Luckely this is not a big problem in and around Oslo, since most active cachers take good care of each others caches. If any plastic bags are broken, we usually log it - and many bring new clean ones to change also others when needed.

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