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Old Los Angeles Times Articles

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The Los Angeles Times has two archived articles about

GeoCaching. They cost money to read but the extracts

are free:




The Sporting Life Goes Techno; There's new adventure in

using the Web and global positioning systems to track down

treasure in the wild.


Text Word Count 2479


Abstract (Article Summary)

On the cache hunt, [Holly Hirzel] will use her lemon-yellow Garmin

eTrex GPS, which is the size of a cell phone. The $120 GPS device

was a Christmas gift from her parents. Her dad, an amateur pilot,

will use his outdated Sony GPS, which he bought 10 years ago to

help him when he flies. His GPS unit is the size of a telephone





OUT THERE; Today's Treasure Hunt Gets a High-Tech Twist; Geocaching

seems to tap into some primal urge, burbling within the breasts of

Spanish conquistadors and Wall Street raiders alike, to seek and



Text Word Count 1326


[Dean Portman] is a "geocacher," one of a new breed of explorers

--part pirate, part computer geek--prowling the Earth on a high-tech

treasure hunt. Using hand-held electronic devices known as global

positioning systems to track their steps, they hide small items

outdoors and then post the coordinates on the Internet for others

to find. So far, according to a Web site devoted to the game,

players ...

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