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Clear Plastic/resin Encasing

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My father used to have this kit that contained a clear plastic resin or plastic that you poured into a mold. You could make paperweights and such that had butterflies in it, or other neat knick-knacks which contained some object(s). I can't remember what is was called. I also can't seem to find the right keywords to google it successfully - at least, not without a WHOLE lotta unrelated garbage links.


Does anyone know what I am referring to, and possibly a modern day source for that or a similar product?




(I thought I asked this here before, but a search pulled up nothing. Sorry if this is a repeat.)

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You are awesome


I hereby offload the burden of awesomeness to dhenning25. :D


As far as possibilities? Make a TB and see if anyone can actually remove the tag. AFTER IT'S ENCASED LIKE A BUG IN AMBER! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA! (BTW, that idea is all yours if'n you all wants it...


ps does my avitar work?


I've no idea, but you avatar is kind of neat... :D

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My goodness does that bring back a few memories. I couldn't recall what they name brand was and I don't recall either of these. In fact I think the stuf I had used many moons ago is probably banned these days, but you you seal anything in liquid form for ever. We found some pretty interesting things to seal up in our childhood. If I can find one I'll post a pic.

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I loved those big 'ol trantulas. That would make an awsome TB. How would you like to open an ammo can and see a 4" spider sitting inside.B)


Well, maybe not such a good idea after all.

Don't come caching in the L.A. area, ok? :D And I'll make sure I stay away from Reno....which is NOT near Vegas. :D



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