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Travel Bugs - Trade Items???

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After reading a few threads on trades and travel bugs, I'm now in a quandary.


Are TBs considered trade items within a cache?


Now, I've always played the game as if they were. I traded an item for it when I picked one up and traded another item for it when I dropped it off.


I've also followed the rule of "leave an item, take an item". So even if I came across a cache to ten(10) TBs in it, I'd only trade for one.


What's everyone opinion on this?



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A travel bug is personal property that has been placed in Public Trust. Trading a TB for a TB is acceptable. Just taking a TB, or revisiting a cache to get a TB, is acceptable too, because a Travel Bug is meant to travel, hence the name, or they would have been called Cache Sitting Bugs. You can always leave something for a travel bug if it makes you feel better. I usually do, but I will still take a TB anyway if I have nothing to leave for it. It's not like it becomes mine, so why not?


IMO Trading a TB for a piece of cache swag is kinda cheesy, but it happens. There is no rule against it and we don't need anymore rules anyway.


While geocaching is a sport; owning TBs, moving TBs, completing TB goals, and improving your TB stats have become A GAME WITHIN THE SPORT. They are a particular favorite part of geocaching for me. Just finding a box with dollar store crap, dirty golf balls, and broken McToys, may not have kept me in this sport/game/part-time obsession. Travel bugs and event caches are what keep me coming back.


Sn :(:( gans

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