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Omg Sweden Has Many New Cashes !

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Just saw this log at opening page:

Newest caches

Last 15 caches placed -

By date listed...

Dackes grotta i Båldön (Sweden) by Anders & Inger

Brass Cap Cache - Canmore (Canada) by outforthehunt

The Elegant Pelican (Georgia) by Sam & Kim

Korrö Hantverksby (Sweden) by Anders & Inger

Ingo 02 (Germany) by Diesel1000

Klasatorpet (Sweden) by Anders & Inger

"Tommestenen" (Sweden) by Anders & Inger

Klostergrottan (Sweden) by Anders & Inger

Älmeboda Kyrkoruin (Sweden) by Anders & Inger

Lyftestenen (Sweden) by Anders & Inger

Lessebo Handpappersbruk (Sweden) by Anders & Inger

fire in the hole (Maryland) by googamooga

Vid bron (Sweden) by HakanA

Lige ved søen. Right next to the lake (Denmark) by martin_mtj

Torsberget (Sweden) by HakanA


Since this is the lastest 15 approvals i guess the Nordic approvers was working overtime :( .

But it is so nice to see this sport growing in the nordic countries.

Go go Aaders & Inger

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Sweden has 2262 (right now) ACTIVE caches, and that makes us something like no 5-6 on the top list of countries with most caches in the world!!


Right now is there a few cachers who put out a lot of new caches, Anders & Inger, and HakanA. Then add all the new and old users who place their first caches when it gets a little bit warmer outside...


So, soon will Sweden be covered by icecream boxes and film canisters :(


And yes, the reviewers work overtime... UNPAID overtime.. Respect! It is not many people in the world that work nighthours, weekends, 24/7 for free.. :(

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Buxleys stats 12/4/04:

  Country      #caches

1.  United States    78,349 (73.7% of total)

2.  Canada      5,793 (5.4%)

3.  Germany    5,352 (5.0%)

4.  United Kingdom  3,355 (3.2%)

5.  Australia        2,456 (2.3%)

6.  Sweden      2,349 (2.2%)

7.  Netherlands    1,205 (1.1%)

8.  New Zealand    700 (0.7%)

9.  Finland        524 (0.5%)

10.  Norway      458 (0.4%)


Trying to beat Australia?

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