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Planned Upgrades

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Well, this weekend has been extremely exciting. We've had the largest traffic we've ever had, considering the number of logs posted over the weekend (7-15 every minute). As a result, we've also had a very unhappy web server.


Fortunately we have been anticipating the growth, though admittedly we have been unable to implement solutions as quickly as we would like. However, the end is in sight and by May 1st we should have everything in place for the web site to run faster and give you an improved geocaching experience, even during the peak times.


As part of the change, we're moving images to its own machine. Currently it is located on the same machine, though all links point to http://img.Groundspeak.com - this means a smooth transition when we move the images over. However it also means we have to make sure your images make it to the new machine when you upload them, so we're working on that now. :rolleyes:


Also, we have to have the entire site in dot net. At this moment we have completely moved everything to dot net, with exception of the old state maps. Unfortunately these will have to go away in the short run, but we'll implement some features with the new maps so you can use them in the future. This is unfortunately one of the growing pains.


So, in short, please be patient over the next month while we purchase new hardware and implement software changes so the site runs smoother. :o

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