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Two Caches. Two Trees. A Story Of Death And Life


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These two caches lie close enough to each other that you might as well see them both on the same trip. I did. And within that day are two stories I'll never forget.


GCG6GH - bygone days

Legend says that a farmer was out plowing his field when a group of Union soldiers marched by headed to fight in the Civil War. Feeling patriotic, the farmer leaned his plow against a bur oak tree and joined the soldiers in battle.


The farmer never returned and nearly 130 years later we can still see this part of history marked inside the bur oak tree where the plow remains.


GCHJHQ - pulp fiction

This stately tree was planted accidentally by a surveyer as he established the line between Audubon and Cass counties. To mark the line he cut a branch from a cottonwood tree nearby.Being a wet spring,the branch rooted and grew. The century old tree still stands in the center of the crossroads today.


When you go over the crest of the hill and see this tree in front of you, your breath is taken away. Nothing really prepares you for this sight.




If you're going to be on I-80 between Des Moines and Omaha, make plans (and take a close look at the maps because there's no exist for the second one, just a lot of dirt roads) and give yourself and extra hour or two for these caches. They're worth the time and trip.

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OK, that is very cool. I hope to be visiting the area in late June. Omahans will know why. I'm hoping to be staying in Dingerville this year. It's about 65 miles from the friendly confines of Rosenblatt to this cache. I may have to venture east to find it.



You gonna see your team mauled by LSU??? LOL


Geaux Tigers!!

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