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I might be just missing this, but on Geocaching.com, the watchlist on Travel Bugs lists the bugs you want to watch, but if you own Travel bugs and they are out in caches, there is no where on the site you can click on them to review them? Only see on My Cache Page, my inventory, those TB's not planted yet.

I know I get e-mails on their progress, but is there a place they are listed?? :rolleyes:

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Anyone can hold on to a travel bug as long as they want. Bug owners appreciate it when they move in a week or two.


The bug's web page shows the current location of bug (what cache or what cacher)at the top and, of course, the history below that. You can click on the bug holder's name, goto their profile, and send an email to them from there.


If you look at someone's list of travel bugs that they have picked up or own (following Toby Partridge's instructions), one of the columns is last log and another is location. The table can be sorted (in ascending or descending order) by, for example, last log. I do this to see which of my bugs haven't moved in a long time, then I click on location, if it's a cacher, and send a snotty email to them to force them to get out there and place the bug.


(Don't take that last part seriously.)

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