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Jeremy's Secret Life?


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I just noticed Jeremy's remarkable resemblance to Internet pioneer Paul Vixie.


Vixie is responsible for a lot of things you use every day, even if you don't know it. He wrote the first versions of sendmail, the most widely used e-mail server software. He also wrote BIND, the DNS software which makes it possible for you to visit Yahoo! (or any other website) by typing it's name (as opposed to it's Internet IP address). He has also drafted a number of RFCs, the documents which define the standards used on the Internet and elsewhere.


Is Vixie actually Jeremy's secret persona? You decide.



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I don't think they're the same person. No. Definitely not.


But I'd like to thank both of them since their creative innovations have made life a better place.

Yeah, but has anyone ever seen Clark ummmm, I mean Jeremy in the same room with him. Ya never know..... :rolleyes: (If you watch enough TV these thoughts just come natural. :o )


Sn :D:D gans


BTW- Have I said, "Thank You," lately? I guess I just did.

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