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Raising The Bar - Personal Achievement


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The accomplishments I feel the best about:


Finding 576 caches in nine months in 32 states (370 on Long Island and in New York City). I have effectively run out of caches in NYC and LI. I am now looking at NJ... I understand they have a few over there. :rolleyes:


Also, planning a geotrip to ND, SD, MT, WY, and NE in one month.


Congratulations on hitting over 350.

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I currently have two goals. One long term: to complete 365 caches in my first geocaching year (I think I signed up in mid-August) +1 for Feb 29.


And a nearer term goal is to bag all the geocaches within a 10 mile radius of my house. Which includes a couple of nasty ones I plan to conquer soon :(


:( Now if people would just hold off placing them near me my job would be easier :(



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I think time has made you forget.....................THIS CACHE!!!!!!


I would say living through that was a high/low light

Thanks Harrald. Two years of therapy down the tubes! :lol:


The best part of our little accomplishment is that we had other locations in NJ and in VA were a given page of the nearest 25 were all registered as found.

At one time our nearest 25 included, Minute, Wheretogo Vertigo, Muskrats and Melvins. We started placing caches just to get some of those nasties off our nearest 25. :P


I think our next goal will be to find every tneigel or briansnat cache ... that should take another 3 years. :D

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