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Happy Birthday Carleenp!


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Happeee Birthdaay Too You...


Hapeee Biiiirthayyy tooo youUUU.


Hhhaapy birthdays dearrrr Carleeennnnn


Happy bbirrthdayyy tooooo Yyou!


I can't believe nobody sang, and yes that's about how good I sing.

Yes, but I sing it ala Marilyn Monroe to J.F.K.




Sn :blink::tired: gans

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Happy Birthday to You. May the best be with you today, and the Easter bunny fill your caches fill of swag. Knowing your into Irish Step Dancing I would like to send a Gaelic Message. Maybe I'll put the Lyrics in Camerons Cache for you.

Cache on in 04


Tha Mi Fo Chùram

Tha mi fo chùram a dhiu ro eileadh

Tha mi fo chùram 's fo mhoran tursa.

'S mo cheist air cùirteir a' bhrollaich ghlè-ghil.

Tha mi fo chùram a dhiu ro eileadh.

Tha mi fo ghruaimean

'S gur fhad o'n uair sin

Mo ghaol a' bhuachaill

'S cha chual e fhèin e.

Tha mi fo chùram a dhiu ro eileadh

Ma gheibh mi airgiod

A bheir air falbh mi,

Gu lean mi Tormod

'S cha dealaichinn fhèin ris.

Tha mi fo chùram a dhiu ro eileadh

Mo cheist an cìobair

Tha'n cois na frìthe

'S mo chridhe 'g innse

Nach dean e feum dhomh.

Tha mi fo chùram a dhiu ro eileadh

Nach mi bha gòrach

An duil ri pòsadh

Gun stoc gun stòras

Gun or gun Bheurla.

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Isn't it strange that we get bumped up a notch once a year. You know we don't know why we took Algebra until we turn 40. By that time in you life you really need a reason to laugh once a year. We are at a crossroads in our life and we are really trying to find our Real age. And we can do that with a little Algebra.

  • R = Real Age
  • B = Birth Age

So here is how old this Old Goat really is

R = (B - 39) - 1

R = (57 - 39) - 1

R = 18 - 1

R = 17


So with the combination of this radical equation and Geocaching I can stay youthful for a few more years.


Happy Birthday to You, hope to see you at Cameron Pass this summer.

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