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I have owned my first GPS for 1 week now: Garmin Legend. Bought brand new. Been caching on 3 separte days without problems. Yesterday, it starts acting up. I will be walking along and it will just shut off for no apparent reason. It happened 5 times yesterday. The batteries were brand new. Has this happened to anyone else?? Is there some wierd power save mode I may have accidently turned on?



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The eTrex series is kind of known for shutting off if they get bumped or are subjected to vibrations. This happens because the batteries momentarily come out of contact with the metal springs which conduct their power. Try padding the battery compartment with some paper or thin foam to keep them solidly in place.

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I never had that happen to my legend either. It sounds like the batteries are dead. Have you tried new batteries? If so, I'd call Garmin to get this fixed. Their service is excellent. I sent my Legend in for repair a couple of weeks ago and they shipped me a brand new one in a week.

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I had the exact same thing happen to my eTrex Yellow after 9 months. After a factory replacement had the same problem, I put a thin metal washer between the coil spring contact and the battery. I also stopped using Eveready batteries. The coil spring eventually gets weak and doesn't make good contact with the battery.

A tech at Garmin suggested changing battery brands because some are not the right size. I didn't believe him until I tried Duracell. They also last much longer.

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My Legend gets abused and other than messing up the screen one time it's never faultered. My suggestion is to first try a new batch of batteries, if that ain't the problem then give Garmin support a call and see if they can help ya figure what's going on. There a super group and go beyond the call to help you out.


My Legend ran last week 12 hrs a day for 5 days on a large fire in S. GA. This isn't abnormal use from me, more of the norm. The only time it shut down was to refresh the batteries at lunch and after getting back to the staging area after the shift. It's bumped around while riding on the dash of a brush engine, and if I'm out of the truck it's on my web gear getting handled just as any other peice of my equipment. If it can survive my tests, it's got to be good.


Nick T

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It's happened to my Vista maybe one or two times in the two years I owned it. Check the battery contacts and bend them out a bit. If that doesn't work, send it back to Garmin. They have great customer service and you'll have your unit, or a replacement back in a few days. You can get their number on their website..

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