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Hows This For A Cache

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About two o’clock this morning I found the Ultimate geocache :tongue: . I’m part of an Air Force Search and Rescue unit on the West Coast of British Columbia. We got a call last night of a crashed air plane :rolleyes: and off we went. We heard that a small aircraft with 4 persons on board had crashed :D and relayed their GPS position to an over flying commercial air plane before the radio died.

We arrived at the location and dropped a flare, which made the mountainside look as if it were daytime. We did this for over an hour with no luck dropping flare after flare. One of our Squadron helos came and helped in the search. This continued for close to an other hour when one of our crew members spotted a faint light in the trees through his night vision goggles. We flew over the strobe light and low and behold there was the air plane in perfect condition in the tall trees (the aircraft had its own parachute!) We called the Helo over and they plucked 4 survivors in perfect condition :bad::D .

The air plane was close to 8 miles away from the lat and long the pilot sent the commercial air plane (He should invest in a Garmin) :D

Now that is the Ultimate First To Find!!!! :)


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Nice to know people like you are out there, and come to find people like us who get into these situations.


Thank you for all your hard work and dedication Coast2Coast! You people probably do not hear that enough.


I saw the story this morning on the news, it was sure nice to hear about a happy ending for all involved, and it must be a great relief for people such as yourself that are prepared for, and usually find a worst case scenario.


I have seen these systems first hand, they are expensive but completely worth every penny. I have flown in planes that have them, and thankfully never had to use them. They have been in use on experimental aircraft for a while, and more recently used in certified airplanes.


Perhaps now that they have had two successful emergency deployments on certified aircraft, they will be more common. I hope you encounter them more often, and have many more good stories to tell us.

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Yeah--great job!


...but I bet you didn't trade up  !


:tired: HeHeHe :blink:

the Helo guys did! They had to leave a whole bunch of stuff there so they could pick up the 4 survivors...( they went back later and picked it up)

I was joking with my crew... I said " If this was a Geocache I would have found it long ago"



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I thought I seen the green RINO's on the Lapel's of our Soldiers in Iraq,

To my knowledge they are still the only waterproof, able to send the coordinates to another(position reporting) units available at this time dunno heard about the plugger but I don't think it has position reporting ???


The GOVernment????? Of,for and by...this one buy a RINO.IKNOW?


Back on topic Thanks again for your valiant efforts and safe recon. :tired:

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