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Anybody Ever Made A Hat Mount For A Small Gps?

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Anybody ever mounted a GPS right to the hat itself, so that you can record a tracklog, and have both hands free?


Would be funny if the GPS also had different beeps for rotating Left or right or reversing direction, so that you can find caches and stuff while only listening to the beeps comming from ontop of your head.


The Gecko is perfect for this, but hat and all could be blown away in the wind.

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Sort of :tongue: On really cold days in the mountains I'll put my GPSr on my head under my toque. It gave great reception and kept the batteries warm too :rolleyes:

Better yet is an external antenna under the hat and the GPSr snug and warm in an inside breast pocket. Only thing showing is the cable from under hat to inside collar. In Winter a hooded coat is perfect.



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Get a magnet-mount vehicle antenna, like the PC-Mobile reradiating antenna, a 2" washer from Home Depot for about 15 cents, put the washer inside your hat, the antenna on top of that, and you're ready to go. Think about some padding under the washer, though. If you really never want to mount the antenna on your car roof, then you can remove the magnets and use Velcro to attach it to the hat.

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I know a guy who had a hat-mounted GPS antenna for his APRS setup. It wasn't actually on a hat but on his mountain bike helmet.


I've started using a waist pack (Mountainsmith "Tour" pack from REI) that has two external mesh pockets for water bottles. The GPS goes in one and a water bottle goes in the other. Works great and the GPS is very hard to spot while it's there so it's stealthy. There's an elastic cord to set the size of the opening, and it's easy to reach back and grab it when you need it (and even easier if you wear the pack in front.)

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