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Gpsmap 60c

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The GC mode for the Garmin Map60C is pretty cool. I couldn't get it to work at first because the icon for a Geocache was set as a treasure chest, and the downloads from the pocket queries uses the standard flag icon for the waypoints. Once the icon is changed to the treasure chest it works.

My question is does anyone know if there is a way to go to your list of waypoints and change all the flag waypoint icons to the treasure chest at once? Doing it individually is time consuming.

I know you can go to geocache setup and change the icon for a geocache to the flag. But what if you want to use the treasure chest icon?


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Try this:


1. Import your waypoints (LOC files) to EasyGPS.

2. In EasyGPS, open your LOC file, save it as a GPX file.

3. Open the newly saved GPX file in Notepad

4. In Notepad click on Edit, then Replace

5. In the "Find What" box enter <sym>Wapoint</sym>, in the "Replace" box enter <sym>Geocache</sym>

6. Click on "replace", then save the file.

7. Go back to EasyGPS and open the GPX file (you should now see treasure chests on the left instead of waypoint dots). Save as a LOC file (replacing the original LOC) and you're done. Just send them back to your GPS.


I know it sounds like a pain but it only takes a minute once you've got the steps down.


I wish there was a pocket query option that would send you all your loc files with the geocache symbol already imbeded if you check it. I suggested this in the GC.COM forum, but it didn't go anywere.

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