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that's one of the no-no mods... ?

If you are a member of MARS (Military Amateur Radio Service??) then it's OK to do the mod to transmit in the MARS service, which is NOT in the ham bands.


As far as I know, that's the only legal use - except to save life and property.


Even if used to transmit in a service that you may be authorized in, the radio isn't "type certified" to transmit in that radio service. For example, some police officers would use modified 2 meter rigs to talk to dispatch. That's not legal.

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I've found many ham rigs when modified for out-of-band coverage suffer from inappropriate FM deviation. Typically, when you go up in frequency they deviate far too widely, and lower in frequency too narrowly. Also most VCOs get far outside of their most linear range which results in asymetrical modulation (distorted and dirty output). In other words, there's more to broadbanding a radio than just snipping a diode.


More here if anyone interested.....



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