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I Can't Wait


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My GPS Map60cs is supposed to be delivered tommorow. The worst part is I have to work and won't get home until between 5:30 to 6:00 at the earliest. This is worse than when I was a kid waiting for Christmas morning. The next kicker is I have to work all weekend so I can't even break it in then. Oh well thanks for listening to me vent.

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Quills, hun I can relate. I dont know which is worse your situation or having a GPSr loaded w/ cache sites and no car! My nearest unfound is 20 miles away. Thankfully I have a vehicle again.. yay!! Hit a few caches this past weekend to take care of the withdrawls lol.


Good luck on the addiction!

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I felt just like you did when I ordered my C. The timing of shipping was just about right for me to get it just in time to take it on a train ride from Washington, DC to New York city. I was happy as a pig in slop when, on the day before my trip, the UPS tracking said "Out For Delivery"! Hee hee... I was gonna get to take it with me... NOT!!!


The F&*%ing thing didn't arrive!!! Later that night the tracking said "Rescheduled".


The next morning I had to leave DC with just my Legend and eMap :o


That night, I called my wife and she told me a package came for me :P


I would be in NY for 2 nights without my 60C. The night before I returned, I told my wife to bring my package with her when she picked me up at the train station! I opened it first thing when I got in the car! Took the batteries outta my Legend and popped 'em into the 60C and turned that baby on!!! :P


My wife asked me for a kiss... and I was like, "Oh yeahhhhh..." :D


My wife knew she was playin' 2nd fiddle from that moment on!!! :D

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Ok I got my GPS today and as a bonus my map cd's which weren't suppossed to be here until tommorow showed up also. I did manage to get out and get a couple of micros tonight. What an awesome GPS. I can't believe how fast it gets a sattelite lock. I booted my Legend up and the new one at the same time and the 60 had a lock almost instantly. Not knocking my Legend it's a great unit as well. I needed something that could do the autorouting that's why I got the 60. Now if I could only sneak in a few caches this weekend. LOL.

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