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Geocaching Flakes!!!

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While surfing at addictinggames.com I found a website where you can make your own snow flakes. Ok I know this is out of season but found myself so addicted to this game.


Go to This Website and make a GEOCACHING RELATED FLAKE. Please stay on geocaching topic. People are making this by the thousands everyday. Then post your best flake here. Here is my first attempt at the AmishHacker Logo.




To get the picture posted....click on download "Download My Flake" and select JPG. You can then copy the url into a link here. You cannot post the picture because its a dynamic tag. The only way you can post the pic is download the image and upload it somewhere else like I did.



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Gee thanks AH.. Ive spent the last 30 mins trying (key word trying) to get a decent looking clover.. sigh No sleep tonight I guess. Its been lots of fun.. my first just screwing around attempt at randomness was very cool. Wish I'd saved it now.. curses why isnt my avitar more geometric. Of course I could always do a blob and call it my surrealist view of a clover :o

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its all in there now, in the above post


Best to do in windows lowest Resolution, to which I have not tried yet.


Make the flake in Windows Resolution of 800x600


To keep on topic, these flakes may make good trade items when you make it a Shrinky Dink, or a signature card.


One Cut Flake below


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Very cool (eh, sorry)! That Amish Hacker fellow is pretty handy with a pair of shears.


Here is my first attempt. It illustrates the plight of the novice cacher as he/she is cruelly mocked by topography, wandering in a swirling, magnetic field-induced stupor, cursing the the low pressure system that haunts his/her every turn. At least that's what my dog says it is.




Well, as it turns out, I have no idea how to upload an image here, so I have to leave you with the link. (I would, however, be grateful for a tutorial).


Staying with the winter theme, here is a site where you can make your own snowMAN!




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