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After you upload your picture you log out and log back in, then you put the picture in the avatar, then log out and log back in. Then it will show up. you can edit by clicking on the Pencil and paper icon, don't just keep posting. That doesn't do it. You must log out and back in. Try it. You'll be less frustrated.


And as an after thought, please don't let my signature line offend you. It was already there before I saw this thread, again.


From a not quite newbie, who went through the same thing.


Cache you later,



Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

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Actually, I don't think it's logging out and back in. I just changed my Avatar and never logged out or in. All it took was time for the system to catch up. Remember that the Geocaching.com login database and the opentopic forum database are the same information, but not stored on the same server. I think it's just a synchronicity thing.


Anyway - new avatar for me...



Chicago Geocaching

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