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Help!!! Need A Cache In Paris, Milan, Or Lucerne


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Hi all,


I am in need of some help. :D I recently came across a TB called Explorer that wants to go to France...My father who is a cacher himself is heading to Europe on a business trip in two weeks. He will be visiting Paris, Milian, and Lucerne and is willing to make an attempt to get the TB into a cache but we are having trouble finding a cache that is realtively close...parlty due to the fact that neither of us are multi-lingual...


While he does not have a lot of time to cache, and does not know the areas to far outside the city (and won't have to much access to transportation to a random forest) he is willing to make an attempt to get this TB to Europe and on with its goals...can anyone help!!!!


In Paris he is staying in Point de Levallios...In Italy in Milan not far from the Domo (spelling?? :D ) and in Lucerne he is staying right on the lake :D ...


Any information at this point would be greatly appreciated...




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Thanks for the suggestion and the fast response...


the hotel he is stays at is the Evergreen Laurel Hotel Paris


8 Place Georges Pompidou

Levallois Perret, 92300



I will look into the cache you suggested...that looks like something he can gett to by taxi....


again, thanks for the response...

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I did a quick search on my map: The co-ords of the hotel your father will stay at are roughly N48 53.943 E2 16.910 (please don't count on them to find the entrance to the hotel! :lol:).

The cache I suggested is about 2.7 miles away as the crow flies and about 4 miles by car/taxi.

Good luck to your father, hope he enjoys his stay in Europe!



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Watch out this is a micro cache!

It used to be a film canister but has upgraded since:



The cache has been replaced at the owner's request. It is now significantly larger than the original film canister, although still closer to a micro than a traditional cache size (small items only; see picture). I have also taken the liberty of moving the cache about 5 feet, where it is better hidden and no longer on top of a grave.
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Thanks all for your suggestions and help...just to let you all know...the travel bug is in Switzerland... TMWolfe6 (my father who went to Europe on business and was kind enough to take the TB) did not finish his work in Paris until after dark...so on his was to Switzerland from Italy went with a co-worker (and new cacher...hopefully) on a side trip to Area Ticino (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=9ffbd9ee-2da9-4092-ac4c-28cc019ace16) and left him there...Expolorer TB still has a way to go to get to his goal of France...but at least he is over the Atlantic and one step closer....


Again...thank you so much...all of you...especially Laogoi and IntotheWoods...for all your help and suggestions....the bug owners (K-9Cachers) are so excited as am I....it is nice to see the Geocaching community help when in need.... :D

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