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Tell Us About Your Spider/bug Bites!

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The only spiders that are really dangerous in the US are the black widow and brown recluse. Bites from either are very uncommon, and most of the time neither of them cause more than a bit of a swelling and some discomfort. But, occasionally, some people don't react well to the brown recluse bite. For example:


EDIT: Photo removed because it was absolutely disgusting. Click the link if you're curious.

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Black widow = you get sick for several days.

Brown Recluse = flesh deterioration.


Do the spider bite stories have to be Geocaching related?


I woke up one morning with a fat upper-lip. I thought my wife had smacked me in the middle of the night, until I looked real close in a mirror and saw two holes oozing yellow fluid.


You probably already heard about it from the 'other' board.


Compared to bears, I'd rather put a black widow in my hat than even get close to a bear.


I use to be arachniphobic, but part of my job requires me to crawl in attics and under floors, so I just had to get used to it.

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If it comes to the bear or the brown recluse spider, I think I will take the bear. I dunno what he bear would do to me but I do know about the spider. I have had that experience and I don't want it again. I am officially classed as a disabled person as a result of one of those little buggers. Had me off work for five months following a bite on my foot/ankle. I have a large area of cellulitis which will never clear up as a memento.

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