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Congratulations Harrald On 300!


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You could have blown by 300 yesterday if you joined us in the group hunt. I'm sure Hart would have volunteered to tote you on his back when you got tired ;-)


Now, you don't have to worry about more caches until the big CITO event in 2 weeks.


Enjoy the moment.... onwards to 400!

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OK, I won't dis Harrald for not joining us on our Hudson Highlands Jaunt and bagging his 300th there. But Hartlimbs was more upset than I'm sure he will admit. As we recovered from our assault on the Mt Taurus cache, Hart said, "Today has been nearly perfect in nearly every way, the views, the beauty, the good friends, but my only regret is that Harrald isn't here to share this with us. Does he hate us?". I noticed a tear coming from the corner of his eye - the disappointment was obvious. While I congratulate Harrald on his 300th find, I hope that that he hasn't open a rift in the local geocaching community that may never be healed.

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Harrold, Harrold, Harrold.. where were you? We had the party going and the 300 man wasn't there! I was hobbling along thinking .. if Harrold was here he'd be back here with me and then I'd have someone to carry me! Hahahah now that's funny huh. Don't you feel guilty, Planet did a great job of carrying me B) Congrats! You da man! See you at the CITO.

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Nicely done, congratulations.


I had the pleasure of meeting Harrald at the Perfect Tommy event at McSourleys. I also watch him almost get arrested while he did my now archived DRUNKEN STUMBLE cache.


We are fortunate to have great geocachers in our area, Harrald is certainly one of them.

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Thank you all very much. But as I’ve stated in the past. The real congratulations should go to the numerous Geocachers that placed the 300 caches I’ve found and logged


Finding them is easy. Taking the time to scout, stock and place caches is more worthy of thanks.


So to all of my fellow Geocachers. My thanks go out to you

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