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Editing Etiquette

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It is entirely unnecessary to specify a reason for editing a post, especially for something as mundane as a spelling or grammar correction.


If there were posts subsequent to yours that did not directly comment on your post, an "EDIT:" comment explaining any correction, addition, or deletion of factual information that changed the substance of your original post would be a nice courtesy, but again, is unnecessary because your post had not (yet) influenced the direction of the thread.


If, however, a post subsequent to yours had either directly quoted your original post or commented on information/statements therein, it would be better to leave your original post unedited and post any additions or corrections in a 'follow-up' post.

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I'm dyslexic. If I typed in why I had edited the post, I'd just have to re-edit it again to correct what I typed in as a reason the last time.


Edit: For example I just screwed up the spelling of dyslexic. Why the heck they come up with a word that's impossible to spell and contains a d,s,&c, to describe this condition I'll never understand. "tix" would have been great. Only 3 letters and no one cares if you write them backwords.

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Being an English Major, freelance editor, and writer, I would hate to bring "official editing" into the forums. I see enough of it; however, if you want to get technical about online forum literacy, it revolves around the time factor: If you have just posted the topic or reply, and realize you made a mistake, you do not have to tell your audience about your need to edit (because many have not had the chance to read it yet). If the topic or reply has been in the forum for more than four hours, you will include the "EDIT:" symbol at the bottom of your original text.


I wouldn't worry about this too much. Most people will understand what you are saying, and they don't have their red pens waiting to catch you (I hope there aren't any). B)

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