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Have you ever found a cache by accident? I know some came into geocaching by finding a cache as a then-muggle and then going on the site, then registering and hunting with a GPS. But I, as an expirienced (100+ finds can be called expirienced, right?) cacher, have found a cache by accident with no GPS, paper, anything. I thought that this was very odd, weird and unprobable and I was wondering if this happened to anybody else.


(oh, and the hokey-pokey is what it's all about)

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So how come they never placed it again??

I'm guessing this is directed at me.


I emailed the owners, and at first they were interested in having the cache back, so they could replace it. I reposnded to their email to set up a meeting to give them the cache (since I have the container). I never heard back.


Another local cacher knew where it was hidden and offered to meet me out there to hide it. We haven't done that yet, but it's been on my mind.



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Hartclimbs, a NJ geocacher was walking through a park with a friend and their kids and pointing out what he thought would be cool places to hide a cache. The kids ran up to one and looked inside and pulled out a cache. He was pretty shocked because there was no cache there as far as he knew. Turned out it was a cache that had been archived a year and a half ago because it had gone missing.


The story is inthis thread.

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In reverse, I had one bagged by a cacher that HAD to leave his GPS at home while on Vacation, (wife thing, I think). Big-W gets found alot by accident alot, it's painfully easy and prone to little kid's inquizitive minds. It usually gets put back, and the locals know about it. A man was vacationing with his wife, and stumbled across it. He brought it over to his wife on the other end of the beach and declared it's find. He was decent enough to figure out where to put it and hid it well.


:) CCC

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I have one that is hidden really well, but in a somewhat heavily travelled little preserve. It was found during a sponsored cleanup of the preserve by a 10 y.o. and his dad. Wound up being a large part of the local newspaper article about the cleanup, dad and son signed the logbook and replaced the cache, and all has gone well since then. I really thought a 10 y.o. kid would have to go back with friends, etc. and that my cache would disappear, but it has been about 6 months now, and all is well.

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I found a letter box about 20 yards from one of my caches on a maint visit. It seems that a lot of letterboxes are near caches.

Cool spots are cool spots...

Similarly, I found an official letterbox off I95 in MD, presumably less than 25 feet from the nearby rest stop microcache I was trying to find. I only had the coords and it was dark and cold, so I signed the letterbox thinking that was the cache and drove off.


Realized later what I had actually found and logged a note on the cache site. Strange was that no one else had found it previous to that and the letterbox had been around a long time.



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