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Mapsource Vs Mapsend

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A co-worker has a Sportrak color that he bought in '03. We watched his tracks from his house to the office. He pushed some kind of "play" button and we watched his journey in "real" time. We watched him stop at lights for a minute, then take off again.


One section of the screen had a map and his location marked on it, another section of the screen had his altitude plotted on a graph, and another section on screen showed details such as speed...


So can Mapsource do this? The only thing I have found is that you can "step" thru each track individually - displaying all the info statically, but have not seen a "Play" feature?


This was a cool feature! I was wondering what a plane flight would look like with this "play" feature as the airliners seem to take off straight up!?! :D




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