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Otis Pug

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:D As an individual in Texas, without the means to travel to California,

I am intrigued with the tales I read on the forums of Otis Pug.

Also I marvel at the responses to this individuals now archived caches.

It is clear, "The Pug'' made quite an impression on the hapless cachers who fell

prey to the devious nature of many of said caches.


The Point

I would really appreciate some enlightement into the nature of the caches placed

by this individual. Examples would be appreciated, and in order to avoid spoiling it

for people in the area eligible to access the remaining caches, (archived or not),

I would welcom responses directly to me. At your discretion.

The primary intention is not to directly copy the caches, but rather to use them

as a point of inspiration, in order to make a contribution to the quality of the caches in my area. Some of which are rather sly.


Thanks in advance for your informed responses.


Also feel free to regale us with tales of your pug experiences.

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I have been looking around in the forums for creative cache ideas, and the name Otis Pug keeps coming up, this is what sparked my interest.

this thread for example:

See this other thread

Just look around in some of the logs from his caches:


Pug Caches


here is an interesting reponse, i recieved regarding one inquiry:

" ...He is also very mysterious. Never comes to

gatherings. No one really knows who he is. Some of us think he is a well know fellow cacher (name deleted), just being schitzo. Still fun."


There is just something in the cache descriptions, and logs, which strikes a chord with me.


edit as an adendum, of the 62 caches shown on his profile, only 2 are still active,

he archived all the others on or around Oct.15/03

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I have found some of Otis's caches so I can tell you a lot about this fellow.


For one, Otis is one of the most mysterious cachers there ever was. There is not a picture of the cacher anywhere in their gallery, just the Pug, Otis the Pug. Nobody actually really knows what gender this person is (most think without thinking that it is a male, since the name is OtisPug, but that may just be the name of the Pug), the age, appearance. Nothing. This cacher has never showed up to an event cache and probably never will, just to keep the mystique.


And then there's the caches. These caches are devious in nature. For example, we have tried eight times before finally getting it right on a cache of theirs that was ranked a three. OtisPug may be the pioneer of the cache in the library book. Otis has put out fake water spigots in parks with the cache underneath. Otis has also made a cache that is a three-gallon bucket very, very hard to find. One has been placed in a fire alarm that may have been fully functional. There's about 50 OP caches and many more that have been archived, very few of which are not mind-blowing in their difficulty. OP caches were repeatedly saved for milestones.


Despite the legacy Otis created (OP inspired caches like "The Pug Trap," created by another hider) most of the caches now are archived and I'm not aware of any new hides.


Sorry if that was unfocused, unhelpful rambling, but just know that OP is one of the most mysterious to ever be and redefined the term "urban camo" around our area with hides that always made you chuckle when you found it after about an hour of headaches.

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Very interesting indeed- so the general concensus is that he is retiring then?


That's what it appears to be. And that's just too bad. I just wish that I could see one, just one picture of OP. I mean, they could be a high schooler, a retired grandma with a lot of time.....who knows?!?

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