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I picked up a TB the other day ,DJ Bug to be exact. It's seen quite a bit of traveling, almost 14,000 miles so far. My question: Just how long should a bug be out before the return trip? And another question: I know of some non-cachers( we call them muggles in Michigan) going to Irland in June who said they would drop off the bug while they' re there. Is this acceptable?



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As long as the muggles would be able to find a cache to drop it in.. AND log it online I think it would be fine as long as it didnt interfer w/ the TB goals. You may want to log it for them if they dont have an account just make sure you put in your post it was moved by friends or whatever.


And some TB's have specific dates, places they want to go to and from. Others are free flowing w/ no real agenda or time table for return.

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If the owners agreeable, why not have them leave it with the hotel reception for pickup, this has worked before for TBs that have crossed the pond this way. If the owners not able to collect it, post a note on the UK forums which covers Eire as well. And I'm sure a local cacher will volunteer to pick it up to start its journey thru Eire to its home cache.


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