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Originally posted by Team MJDJ:

Is it considered BAD ETIQUETTE to visit your OWN cache and Trade items?


Just testing the waters...so to speak...


You own the cache (so to speak anyway) and you can visit it anytime you want to. If you want to post it as a find then that will really make you look bad. that is a no-no.

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I don't see a problem. I've visited my caches and taken travel bugs. Why not take an item, as long as you trade evenly? If you find a Leatherman tool and leave a pencil, that would be wrong, but if you find something you really wanted and can leave something of equal value, then it's fine.


"It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues" -Abraham Lincoln

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Originally posted by DeerChaser & Poni:

Ok I have placed a few without my other half (poni). Would it be wrong if she finds it and logs it as a find under our user name?


Rino 110

MeriGreen 128


Only if she had her own user name, otherwise think how it would look, only trying to run up the found cache count, maybe it looks OK from one point but many other wouldn't know what was up only that "username" hid a cache and same "username" posted a find. If you don't mind explaining it all the time then go ahead. but there will be some who will not ask and will say things behid your back.

My advice?? I would avoid the whole thing and not do it, have your wife create her own username and start her own account.

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Stoopet iz az stoopet duz.


I thought it was a good question and I was just trying to be helpful. Who knew you were about to dispense your wisdom at the same time (I would of course have withheld any comment until you or Mopar had a chance to provide a full, accurate, and authoritative repose). You'll now be returned to our regularly scheduled programming.


I'm still not letting my 4yr. old drive. Chindren shouldn't be allowed to operate motor vehicles or space ships - regardless of what you say.


Show proper manners by stepping away from the buttocks of the website and refraining from pithy commentary. icon_razz.gif


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Originally posted by excop1313:

Since I am new, and placed My first Cache, I did go check on It, after a few logs to make sure It was found.

After that I have not checked, rely on the Great People Here to Be Honest.

And I have found that to be TRUE.



I have returned to my caches to do maintance but never have I compared names on the printed log to the web log. If someone wants to cheat then they are not hurting anyone but themself. I am sure there are people out there who will lie and cheat but that is them, I am not going to call them liars or cheaters, they know what they are and pointing it out to them will not do any good.

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