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Oziexplorer Questions

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I've been investigating apps I can use with my Magellan SporTrack Map for some time now and have used MyGPS, EasyGPS, ExpertGPS, EasyGPS, Panterra, Babel and Oziexplorer. At present I find EasyGPS great for downloading waypoints, editing them and uploading them, MyGPS is OK for quick plotting of points on a scanned map and OziExplorer is excellent for plotting points, routes, etc. What I DONT like about Oziexplorer is it seems a little clunky in some areas (e.g. few shortcut keys that are normally standard, such as Ctrl+A), also, I can't seem to easily save routes and waypoints in ONE file like ExpertGPS allows and I can't view the altitude profile of routes, only tracks.


Does anyone know the answer to the following questions?


1. Can I save routes as tracks and vice versa?


2. Can I create standard shortcut keys within the app, such as Ctrl+A to select all?


3. I have scanned a map and calibrated using Eastings and Northings for 9 points. Some map features seem to be off by a couple of hundred metres in a southerly dir. The map is of Deep Ck conservation park (Cape Jervis map I think, 1:50000). I use a Magellan SporTrack map GPS. Normally I set it to WGS84, but the map uses WGS72, so I’ve set it to this for the upload of data. I also changed this in the app and for the scanned map used. Why are the tracks (Heysen trail) on the map out of alignment when plotted in Ozi on the scanned map? I’ve been very precise with the calibration. The map was scanned at 600DPI, so I can zoom in v close for calibration. Is it just a ‘bodgie’ map? I know my GPS may be out by 15M (standard I believe, but it seem spot on as far as caches go) and so may the map, but 200 metres seems too much. Any help would be appreciated. By the way, what procedure and apps do most of you use for uploading and downloading waypoints and routes, editing and plotting on scanned maps? It seems that no one app has all the features I want. ExpertGPS and EasyGPS seem excellent at uploading and editing and saving, Ozi seems excellent at plotting on scanned maps, creating track and routes, but seems a little odd at saving files, etc.

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