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Auto-routed Route Transfered To 76s?

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For the record, I had the same problem with my Legend and MetroGuide 5 routes (from PC) and mentioned it here in the forum. Another user said his Legend showed routes along the roads. :(




You might wanna check with Sparky Watts on the matter as I've sold my Legend. He may be able to give some insight as to what settings may need to be changed. OR someone could contact Garmin... :D

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There are routes and there is routing.


Routes are the series of connected waypoints you are seeing. Almost all GPS's can do this.


Routing is what auto routing GPS's such as the 60s and GPS V do. No waypoints just paths along roads to your destination.


If the 76S is not autorouting then having a route is the best compromise you can come up with.

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So, is a Legend supposed to see "ROUTING" when a MapSource autogenerated route is uploaded to the GPSr? Or is Sparky-Watts "blowing smoke"?


I just found a setting on the eMap:

From the map page - press "Menu"

Select "Setup Map"

Go to the "Line" tab and change the "Route" setting from "Auto" to "120 ft" (the lowest possible setting).


The displayed route path then conforms to the roads along the route.

There must be a similar setting on the Legend :(


I also changed the "Lock on Road" setting from Off to On, and also the direction display from Cardinal Letters to Numeric Degrees. These two changes had no effect prior to changing the Line setting, and apparently are not a factor when I set them back to default.

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