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How Big Of A Garmin Geek Are You?

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Just curious...being as you can swap mounts between the same bean-bag and you certainly can't drive 4 cars at the same time, what possesed you to buy 4 bean bags?  :D

I own several vehicles, I got them cheap, I had to buy only one mount from a dealer. I love to horse trade and hunt for bargins. I found an electronics store in New York that is giving up on selling GPS's and other electronic equipment, and is selling only cameras and equipment from here on out, (Its my secret ,dont ask) :D . My friend that lives there gets it and when he flies in to Charlotte once a week drops them off. I found several marinas in SC that are going out of business also, and got some deals from them also :D . If a person has time, they can horse trade or find deals everywhere on the internet. The only thing is that if you want a new gadget, like the 60CS you got to pay retail, almost. :(

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So basically your saying, you have a problem, but the problem isn't as bad as we may think because you horse trade :( .



I have about $65 invested in all four bean bags and mounts, why not have them for that price? I am comfortable in life also, I can afford to spend a little if I want. You should of seen what I spent on my last hobby. :D

I do go all out when I do something, maybe I need help? :D

I guess I got to where I am in life being an eccentric type person. :D

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