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Geocaching On BLM Lands

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Note the mid-2003 date on the Memo linked to. But, to coin a phrase, "Old News is Good News"!

Typical government process. They'll approve it but they won't tell you so it won't affect their budget as much. :lol: As noted in their memo:


...is not publicly advertised...

...and I'd say they followed that fairly well.


  It is expected that most of the activity would be treated as casual use on BLM managed public land, which would not require the issuance of a permit thus lessening the recreation permit workload.  Therefore, the impact on the budget should be minimal.

Which is what the community has been saying all along.

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I believe that tresspass into wetlands BLM property would not be allowed -- for geocaching or otherwise.

eh? Wetlands are not endangered that I'm aware of. Specific wetlands may contain a plant or animal that is endangered. Wetlands are productive and considered more valuable than other terrain types which are often bulldozed to make a new wetlands as part of a mitigation process.


You can't fish for the most part without accessing wetlands. It's pretty much a non issue without some other compelling reason.

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