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What State Do You Live In?

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Before you read on, be aware that a forum search was performed before the posting of this topic.


The topic is: "What State Do You Live In?" (in case you didn't see the title for some strange, unknown reason) Just say what state you live in, after a while I'll probably tally it all up, and we'll see which state has the most people who geocache, or the state with the most people who post on the forums, or the state with the most people that post in this topic.


This is a grand topic because it's an easy question that all can answer (even International Cachers can post their country and that will be equivalent to a state!) easily, and it boosts your post count as you provide valuable information to the topic!



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NIT baby!

I would put that in my signature, but I am computer illiterate and can barely respond to this message. Took me months to get my "Yeti" picture up, I don't know how to make those cool little quotes at the end and I can't referance anybody else in my posts!

So "state of confusion" may be a better place for me. Or state of "buffoonery" as the case may be!

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On moral grounds, I propose this question be boycotted. For the people not represented in the forum, I will not answer the question. For the cachers that feel their country is equivalent to a country, and not a state, I will not post. For all the underrepresented non-English speaking cachers, I will not post my state. . .


but it is in my profile if you want to dig it out :lol:


Really, I’m just kidding around here. This was meant to be a serious joke.


edit: You know... these are real points, and maybe they should be mentioned. Let me just say that for various reasons the results of this pole of the location of cachers is probably very biased.

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