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What Is The Best Cahche Continer You Have Evar See

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My ex mother in law works in a hospital and gets me the boxes that pacemakers are shipped in.

C'mon, nobody is gonna bite on this and comment on trading up??





On topic: I too am partial to the ammo box for it's durability. But, the fake rock that I've used generated some great logs...

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Read the logs on this cache. Seeing is believing.


Peeve said it best. He would drive the 170 miles from Austin to see another like this.


Sn :(  :D gans

This one is a close second.


Cachers in Houston are lucky to have such originality an inventiveness to choose from.


I could list many more, but most would be from the hides of these two.....

Snoogans is right about the creativity of the “Houston Hiders”, but I cannot believe he did not mention the sprinkler heads that have been modified into micros then placed, or the road reflectors, or the dog poo.


Yes we live in the land of creativity. I cannot mention the name of the person responsible for these because it might spoil the hunt if people know exactly what kind of container to look for.

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