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New 2300mah Nimh Aa Batteries

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For those that don't live near a Fry's - Thomas Distributing is my choice for places to buy batteries.


Get a really good charger, one that keeps the batteries cool while charging. Your battery life will be improved immensely!


There are other batteries on that web page, and much more in the way of toys. I am not affiliated with them nor benefitting from this plug, they have just been really easy to work with and very prompt shippers.



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Get a really good charger, one that keeps the batteries cool while charging. Your battery life will be improved immensely!


Not entirely true. Batteries are pretty good at taking the heat.




Read the rest of that FAQ and then check out some of the other links there to see what they have to say about batteries and recharging. Oh yeah, they sell batteries there too.

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Heat kills batteries. I have ruined some batteries due to overheating during charging.


And the cheapy chargers can overcharge when "fast" charging. reducing capacity.


For most however, a 20% reduction in capacity won't be noticed thinking it's just normal. And batteries do not just die after 1000 recharges. The capacity slowly decreases over time and at about 1000 charges, it could be as low as 60%. Using a cheapy charger or letting the batteries heat up during charge greatly affects this.

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I just bought an 8-pack of those last evening at Wally's - still 17 dollars and change - and tried them in the Vista. They are very slightly longer than the 1800's, but not enough to be a problem. Between the GPS and the digital camera (also uses two AA cells), I have enough for a pair of spares.


The old ones (Ray-O-Vac and Energizer, bought 2 years and 1 year ago, respectively) will be used elsewhere around the house, while the higher capacity batteries will be a bit of an improvement.

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FYI, if anyone lives near a Fry's Electronics, Lenmar 2300mAh NiMH AA batteries are now available.


I have 2 running in my 60CS and I'm still getting 3 bars after about 10 hours of use.

Very cool! I just bought some batteries today at Tar-jey, the Rayovac 2-3 hour NIMH charger. $14.99 and it came with two 1800mah batteries. I guess it's a smart charger too, it switches to trickle automatically when they are done. :lol:

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