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If you're worried about loosing the metal tag, you can make up a laminated card with the bug's number and instructions for logging.


There was an idea awhile back to just sell a tracking number (with no tag or shipping costs), but I don't think there was enough interest. It would have cost about $2.00 per number (instead of $5-6 per tag) and you could still use the GC site to track your bugs.


If you elect to make your own tag and your own number, you will also have to make your own tracking system. One of the reasons these aren't as popular is that everyone recognizes the metal tag and it seems more "legitimate" than making your own with crayons or whatever. (Ok, you'd probably use at least an inkjet printer, but you get the idea)

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So, they cannot be tracked on the website? What are alt. means of tracking?

Well, either set up a system yourself or find somewhere else that will do it for you (like geolutins, travelertags, or elsewhere). The thing you can't get with these other tags is that nice little 'spider' icon to show up on any of the gc.com cache pages.

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has anyone used/seen/logged a traveller tag?


Thoughts/feedback on them?

(First, in fairness, I sell Traveler Tag tags, so I'm a little biased.)


I haven't come across in the wild yet, but I used one to start logging my travels as a personal tag.


I see an advantage to them in that the travels aren't tied to a geocache. You can leave them in other caches or even letterboxes--really, anywhere.


Of course, they are a little harder to use because you have to enter the coords, but that's the trade-off you have to live with to have the flexibility they afford.

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has anyone used/seen/logged a traveller tag?


Thoughts/feedback on them?

Saw the site and registered for the free traveller. Haven't used one yet. Better than the French site, GeoLutins.


That site was WAY more work to register the traveller. Found one and sent it on its merry way ASAP, won't be posting any more there.

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Has anyone ever released an item with instructions to simply e-mail the owner with the cache last dropped in. Not very hi-tech I know, but could be a fun little way to play with a non TB hitchiker of sorts. Owner could manually do things like figure miles travelled, or make a web site with the adventures of the object.

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