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ready to go on my first!

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Hey folks,


I spent the weekend Christmas shopping and while I was out got a few early presents for me!=)


I ordered a Garmin eTrex Venture which I hope will be in before thanksgiving, and I hit WalMart for hiking apparel.


I got a water carrying backpack, snakebite kit, first aid kit, compass, whistle, mylar blanket,poncho, trash bags, baggies, waterproof matches, firestarting kit, cache goodies, notebooks and pens, stamps and an inkpad, a pocket fan, a swiss army knife, a multitool, lightsticks, and stuff I know I'm forgetting right now.


Now as soon as my GPS comes in, I'll be hitting the trails! Excited about it!



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high volume smoke grenades in yellow and purple -

pencil flares

strobe - air force rescue type.

--- for marking extraction to SAR units.




at least you are psyched to get out and give it a shot. learn to use the gps and compass before believing they will take you home!! learn to set a waypoint, and set them at all major trailheads. that will help you backtrack in case you get discombobulated out there.


good luck.


i am new to geocaching, but have been navigating through the woods for years. gps is a great tool, but often limited by the operator of the unit.





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--Ted Turner "

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Originally posted by AshXF:

will keep in mind, thanks. I hope my GPS comes in before thanksgiving, it'll give me time to read the instructions on my days off from work, maybe in time to go this weekend!



You can read the manual here at the Garmin web site (in PDF format) so you'll hit the ground running when it does arrive.


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Hey guys,


thanks for all the info and support. I now have in my possesion a Garmin eTrex Venture and I have it set up how I want it. I'm planning on doing 2 nearby caches this week, the first is hidden on the grounds of my workplace at LSU, so I'm thinking a little excursion on my lunch our tomorrow. (it's raining today)


This Sat is state senator elections and the place I vote has a cache hidden in the next door park, so I'm thinking of hitting that one too.


Totally hyped about it!=o)



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OK, OK, I know you're excited and all those things are neccessary IF you intend to go deep into the woods. Most (I'd venture 95%)caches are less than two miles from where you'll park your car. The most important things you can carry for these are some sort of rain poncho and extra GPS batteries. A digital camera is cool because you never know when you'll get that shot of a lifetime.

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This brings up an experience.....Most of my GPSr time is associated with benchhunting. I'm new to the whole Geo thing and learning daily.


On a recent benchmark hunt, I get to the co-ordinates(about a 3 mi pack as the land is state owned gameland, not open for motorized travel), find the benchmark, take camera out of buttpack(easy!), push button for picture......What comes up on the digital camera screen? "NO disc!" (I have a floppy disc format camera) &%#*! icon_mad.gificon_mad.gificon_mad.gif Well, it took about 9 miles of walking to log the benchmark! 3 out, 3 back in, 3 out again!


My motto: Pack what you can carry! icon_wink.gif

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Hi AshXF.


I've got a sneaky feeling that Santa has an eTrex Venture in his sack for me as well!


I asked the wife to get me one, mainly for metal detecting (pinpointing areas i've researched and plotting finds).


I came across geocaching while researching the different handheld units on the market. I'm now more excited about having a go at geocaching than I was about the original reason I got the eTrex.


Anyway, as we metal detecters say, happy hunting!

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You cannot possibly forget to purchase an EPIRB Satellite 406 Category II (manually deployable) 406 MHz EPIRB. Just in case you fall hundreds of feet down a cliff or steep hill, you will need this device to alert Rescue Personnel if you still happen to be conscious. It also transmits on the emergency frequency of 121.5 MHz. What more could a high-tech Geocacher want? It also has a built in strobe light and it only costs in the vicinity of $750.00.


I think the wife and I will go out and purchase one right now!


"Edison Medicine": Anything that brightens your day is a good thing!


NCFLYERS - The Double J's of Fortuna, CA icon_wink.gificon_wink.gif

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Call me old fashioned (old fashioned!), but the TEN ESSENTIALS for hiking always go with me. This includes a MAP.


Now, I know some of you younger types may never have seen one of these, but it's a paper version of the topo you're looking at on your GPS. Helpful, if say, your batteries die.


Just a thought. Of course, if you only cache in urban areas, this might not be a big of a deal.



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