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Auto Mount For 60c


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The friction (beanbag) mount works for me. Inserting the unit into the clip is a bit cumbersome and requires both hands. The clip is the same for the suction and adhesive mounts.


The mount of my mobile - and any other mobile mount I've seen - is far better in this respect and also automatically provides external antenna plus external power...

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Check This source for Weighted RAM mount... Once the holders come out for the 60 series, this weighted base from RAM is much heavier and more flexible than the Garmin bean back mount.


This mount has solid lead? core and is heavy and flexible to conform to any dash.


If you have other RAM components, they will work on here too! I bought the base and mounted a ball directly to the base and use my double ended femail connector to go from the weighted mount ball to the ball attached on my 76 holder. This allows me both height and angular adjustment of the GPSr.


When my 76CS gets here, I'll be able to reuse all the parts. It's a very flexible system and very economical if you have more than one location for use eg. bike, canoe, car, etc....



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I got a $10, on sale, suction mount from Radio Shack, which has an 8" arm on it. I then bought the Garmin automount and have attached it to the end of that arm. I put the suction mount (in my 4Runner) on the right hand side of the audio stuff, on a clean strip of metal (? - plastic). The connection of the automount to the end of the arm is a bit tenuous, and I wil work on making that better. The result, though, is that I have my 60CS just to the right of the steering wheel (as I bent the RS arm mount to the left). The Radio Shack mount is for compact cell phones and the end of the auto mount fits in the clamp at the end of the arm sort of well. It bounce around a bit, but it's quite fine. The bounce puts less stress on the suction mount. I also have the 12v adaptor.javascript:emoticon(':D')


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