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Collecting Signature Items

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I have seen many cachers collecting signature items from caches. I like the idea, especially when the items are from cachers that I have met. They become like business or calling cards to me. They also help serve as a log of those that cared to visit our caches, and thought well enough of it to leave something. I have not started collecting them yet because I can't figure out a good method of storing/displaying them.


So I'm looking for suggestions and comments from others that collect sig items and what you do with them.





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Haven't figured out how to display them but think I have a cool way to get them.....

to introduce our new sig item, we set up a multi.

Stage 1 - our sig item

Stage 2 - you deposit your sig item

Stage 3 - regular trade cache


Being computer illiterate, I cannot post a link to it but.... "Sig Item Trading Post and Cache" by: Two Geeks and a GPS. Have gotten 3 sig items and some good comments on cache though!


One of these days I'll learn to use the computer!

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I would LOVE to trade sig items, though I'd reserve it for people that are not in my state of course lol.


My signature item is a red clover keychain fob (made w/ shrinky dinks and looks like my avitar) on the keychain is one of the old fashioned barrel type skeleton keys. I just won a buttload of them off ebay should be ready to send in a week. My boyfriends screen name is the undertaker so a good fit for the two of us.


Man oh man the emailing I'll be doing to some of you tonight.. there goes my beauty sleep lol


Feel free to drop me a line as well if your interested.


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