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Now This Would Be A Great Area To Place Caches

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I too read this story when it was originally brought up here in the forums. Twas good reading back then, especially since I had not really known much of the whole Chernobyl incident. It is very sad to say the least.


HBO had a story on it several months back and apparently you could live there if you really wanted to, nobody is stopping you. They interviewed a few natives of the area who refused to leave, claiming this was their home and it is all they have. However, children are not allowed, and if you are caught rasing children there you can get in serious trouble with the government. In one interview the camerman and reporter were lead into a house containg a small child and the residents quickly hid the child away in fear of someone finding out about it. :D


I had a feeling the girls story was a bit exaggerated. One thing we need to remember is, just because its on the web does not mean it is true!! :P


Kar of TS!!


Edited for spelling... :D

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