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He's A What ?

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Found a dictionary for those not familiar with British slang:


Roll down to "Knob"

Please don't rely on it too much. It has got the right idea in many cases, but as a brit who speciallises in the language and its idioms, I can tell you I am suspicious of:


- Kaker (unless they actually mean "ka-ka" which is used to mean excrement more usually of the horse or cow variety, but applicable to the human kind as well... One place I have heard this used correctly is by the comedian and Hollywood star Robin Williams, for instance in his show 'An Evening at the Met' where he uses it to refer to what babies produce in their nappies)


- Kafe is usually spelled Kaff or Caff if used at all...


- Karzy is nearly always spelled Khasi or Khazi


- Kayf ... look, they can't have it both ways...


- Kenneth Brannagh...? Oh perlease.... I just don't believe this one. Who makes this drivel up?


- Kike...I always though Kike was what they call a gateau in Birmingham..


- Kinky. Well it's not the same as perverse: I was always taught that Kinky is where you use a feather, perverse is where you use the whole chicken...



Oh I give up. I'll be here all night.

well actually, I *am* here all night.

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