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Hazmat Program

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First off, it would be really cool if GPS units like the Garmin 60C would allow users to develop their own games or programs that integrated GPS.


With that said...


One really useful program idea would be a haz-mat emergency response program for a GPS. The idea is simple, let's say that a tanker truck containing X-chemical crashes and leaks. You could load up your GPS and select the point where the chemical is leaking from, select the chemical (or kind of chemical for generic evacuation patterns) and put in the direction of wind and speed. The GPS program would calculate and show what areas need to be evacuated, which areas are dangerous, etcetera and show it on the GPS.


A program like this, based on a simple GPS, could be a real gem for first-responders and could potentially save lives. The most useful application would be to run the program on the Rhino units, so that all emergency responders could make sure they are safe and know where each other are.


Perhalps in addition, a program could be created for fallout or chemical drift in the event of a severe ABC terrorist attack based on predicted and observed wind directions (god forbid it ever happens.)

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Good idea. So is doing the same thing with a field laptop or PDA. The problem is the software. Things like this is how a relativly cheap GPS turns into a 10,000 dollar hammer. Even so the need for this program is real and it would not suprise me if they don't alrady have something on a desktop PC that does the job though not as well as being able to defin the boundary on the ground so people with Rhinos (The ability to share the boundary of evacuation/danger) can hit the pavement and get warnings out.

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