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I Just Thought I Would Share With You

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Being the author of Waypoint Workbench I have got used to recieving mails from all over the world requseting unusual conversions or special changes. Its nice to know that the software is used by Park Wardens in Australia, search and rescue in Canada and Geographers in south America, but this request caught me by surprise:



Dear Chris n Maria,

Although I'm not geocaching, I still found your site and your wonderfull Exel-program Waypoint Workbench 6.5.3. I downloaded the sheet to try it out for conversion of military Grid-coördinates used in WW II in the Netherlands, to the geographic coördinates as I learned about at school and which we still can find in an atlas. The Exel-sheet did not work well for this application. I think because these WW II military Grid-coördinates are not being used today.

I need this conversion because I'm searching the relatives of a British soldier who's name and army-unit are unknown and who probably died after Christmas 1944 during WW II. At Christmas 1944 this soldier was billited in the Dutch village Stramproy. By investigating military movements written in the diaries of army units, I try to find out which army unit was in Stramproy at that moment. However I don't have the maps. If you like to read the story about this soldier and my investigations up till now, surf to my website http://home.hccnet.nl/j.schonkeren.


Are you able to help me by sending an Exel spreadsheet which does this conversion. In your Workbench you did so many conversion that I thought it must be a peace of cake for you. If I'm wrong, please let me know.


Thank's in advance, kind regards and succes with Geocaching.


Jan Schonkeren



Anyway I have passed Jan on to BigBird who is a dutch cacher who does lots of work with coords and Excel. If any one else can help Jan find this solders family it would be really great.


Just thought I would share this little story.


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