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Walking Stick, Dog & Gps ??

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That is a cool leash! I might order one. I have found that caching with the dog is a pain because she won't hold still while signing logs etc. I suppose I could invest in more training, but I doubt it would make a huge difference. I tend anymore to take her caching with me only when we are going somewhere she can be off leash. Not alot of those places around though!

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I decided to take my "likes to pull alot" dog along to find a cache that was two miles straight up on top of a mountain. I didn't have a walking stick but the mountain was a sheet of ice. Needless to say the pooch will not be going on anymore winter caches with me :P

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Want to talk about a hand full… Try a walking stick, PDA, GPS, 2 Dogs, and a wife!!! The dogs are no problem at all as they will not leave my side unless I tell them to. I just keep them (the dogs) on a leash cause people tend to turn pale when they see my dogs are not on one. So the leashes are just tucked into my belt. The wife… I haven’t figured that one out yet… I just have to remember to stop every once in a while (normally when I can’t here her talking anymore) so she can catch up. :P

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Some folks also get the leash that can be attached to a belt.


I do all three, but I walk mine with a leash only when i have folks around with other dogs (a lesson learned the hard way - just nod Criminal). Otherwise he's off the leash and voice controlled (most of the time - and he's gotten better at it). Anyway, the voice control is very important, that way he's not jerking you around when trying to read your GPS. Yes it takes a lot of work, but it is well worth it so the both of you can truly enjoy the adventure.

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Wasn't there someone a while back who bought their dog their own GPS?


If you had a voice output unit, and could train the dog to listen to it they would probably be pretty good cachers. They would just smell the cache when they got near it and would pee on it or bark or something to signal you they found it. And they wouldn't need hiking sticks. That would let you handle the hiking stick, stay on the path, and handle that cold beverage with your other free hand. Problems solved!


Sort of like the buttered cat array. We would just go along for the ride and run up the numbers.

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