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137497_2400.jpgI am a Parson Russell Terrier with my own account and over 30 finds. Since I don't have thumbs, and my legs are too short, I can't drive, so I cache with my master, SIXDOGTEAM (Lead Dog). He takes a picture of me at each cache site and posts them with his logs. You can go to my profile page to see I am real and not somebody's sock puppet.



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I used to begrudgingly take the dog. She comes from a broken home and all. However, since I still can't figure out how to use the "Back-Trac" feature on my GPSr, I need SOMEBODY who knows how to get out of where we've gotten into. This is Elsa's only known true talent. She knows how to get back to the truck. She's a VERY GOOD DOGGY!


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Dogs are fine. They are very social, love to do things with their owners and provide great companionship.


Dogs have not been my pet choice. Personally, I prefer cats. It's just a preference. (I don't allow my cats to roam and inflict themselves on other people.)


I play with other people's dogs, whom I know. Sometimes I'll ask a dogowner I encounter if I can pet their dog (I don't approach without asking.)


I do not, however, enjoy dog poop left on the sidewalk, trail or beach. I do not want to be barked and growled at by an unleashed dog. I don't really want a super friendly and harmless beastie leaping upon me on the trail either. I do not appreciate people walking their dogs in my yard and allowing them to urinate and burn my ornamental plants. Those inconsiderate dog owners out there sometimes give everybody a bad rep.


So bring your dogs if it's an area that allows dogs. They'll have fun, you'll have fun. Just be courteous to those perhaps less dog oriented than you.

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