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I love to learn about fellow geocachers. Most have nothing at all in their profiles. Do any of you have suggestions on getting them to at least put in location. I was thinking of having a "Getting to Know you Cache" where the profile must be filled out to get credit. What do you think?

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How much info would you require in their profile? If they didn't answer every field would you deny them the find?


An alternative would be to create your own physical log pages. Create a form with the information that your looking to collect from the cachers that visit your cache. Then put a note in the description encouraging them to fill it out. Most people love to tell about themselves. Those that don't fill out the online profiles don't want the information available to just anybody but would probably feel better shareing it with you in a physical log. In this way you can also ask specific questions that interest you.

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I think allot of people are leery of providing too much info in their profiles. You never know how someone can use that info to their advantage

I wont fill my profile out anymore than it is but I'll tell you a little about myself right here.


I make just under $200,000 a year my SSN is: 139-99-0010. My Porsche is always unlocked with the keys under the floormats.

My checkcard pin is 06969 although I don't trust the banks with all my money so I have the bulk of my savings in trunks hidden in the loft of my carport.

My name is Les. Nice to meet ya!

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I think allot of ... I make just under $200,000  ...

Its nice to sea that knot all supper rich people no witch words go ware. I guess your just one of the rest of us.

Xcuse me for not paying attention in english class. BTW. I only make 200k in my dreams so U sea I'm like you.

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