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Mapsource Software Version 6.0.3 Beta

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CLICK HERE to download the file.


Changes made from version 6.0.2 Beta to 6.0.3 Beta:


Changed software version number from 6.0.2 beta to 6.0.3 beta.

Put technology into the auto-detection of devices to remember the last auto-detected device. Thus, if the user always has the same devices connected to the same ports, they should not have to search for their device more than once.

Added the ability to export waypoint categories to DXF and tab delimited text files.

Made modifications to the GDB file format to result in smaller file sizes.

Modified the importing of older format files to preserve the base name of the files in an effort to simplify the conversion process.

Changed medical facility symbol to a blue cross.

Added ability to receive tracks from the ForeRunner GPS.

Modified the way map labels were drawn for enhanced readability.

Changed keyboard shortcuts for “Show/Hide GPS Map Detail” and “Create New Track” and “Go To Position” back to the shortcuts used in MapSource 5.4 to alleviate user confusion.

Changed menu shortcut key for “Show/Hide GPS Map Detail” back to value used in MapSource 5.4.

Disabled the postal code entry field in map products that lack postal code support.

Changed behavior of map selection tool back to the way it worked in 5.4.

Added access to duplicate routes function in the context menu you get when right clicking on routes in the Routes tab.

Added code to make the auto-detection of devices more robust.

Added the ability to search for partial strings in the finder for feature search feature names and city search city names.

Fixed issue where MapSource would scroll back to the top of the list in the Waypoints, Routes, or Tracks pages after a modification was made to an item far down in a long list and the property page for that item was closed. Now, the program ensures that the selected item is visible in the list control after modifications.

Fixed issue where users would experience problems in data transfer between the application and certain GPS devices after aborting a transfer and then trying to send to the GPS immediately afterwards.

Fixed issue where the document title was not set back to Untitled if MapSource had a valid document open and it then failed when opening a different document, even though the document was empty.

Fixed issue where copyright string was not being correctly displayed on some map products.

Fixed issue where tab order was incorrect in Route Dialog.

Fixed issue where the waypoint properties for all waypoints would become inaccessible when a user had the category filter set to “No Category” and then opened a waypoint properties dialog and assigned the waypoint to a category and then clicked ok to close the dialog.

Fixed issue where the user would experience problems setting the time preferences in MapSource.

Fixed some specific issues where users could not find certain streets in the street selector of the finder.

Fixed issue where the finder’s “auto-complete” technology would automatically select the first item in the list when this is sometimes not the desired behavior.

Fixed issue where routes exported to GPS devices would become corrupted and unusable on the GPS.

Fixed issue where Lake Erie was not visible at certain zoom scales in America’s BlueChart v6.0.

Fixed issue where waypoint altitudes were not getting correctly set in some new waypoints when MapSource was in metric units.

Fixed issue where the auto-router would fail when doing certain routes involving the base-map.

Fixed issue where LPT ports would appear in the serial port list when in the select devices dialog.

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MapSource is the interface program between the user and the maps. These MapSource upgrades do nothing for the map data such as Topo, BlueCharts and Metroguide. It makes changes to the MAPSOURCE program in general, making corrections to errors and, changing the way something behaves and sometimes adding new features and capabilities. Your old maps will still be old after updating the MapSource program.

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Does the update change the way Mapsource works in the GPS?  In otherwords, should I re-download the maps from my MS Topo and MS City Select back into my GPS through the new version of Mapsource?

Mapsource is the PC program and unrelated to the specific GPS you have. Basically Mapsource just uploads (or downloads) waypoints, tracks, routes and maps (depending on what your GPS supports).


It's completely independent of your GPS other then it's the PC version of how you work with map data.

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I don't mean to oversimply this and people will undoubtedly find fault with my attempt to delineate/simplify these products but here goes... Essentially Mapsource is the program that allows your PC and GPS to communicate with each other - it is the software that allows you to transfer information such as waypoints, tracks and routes to and from your GPS, and allows the transfer of maps to the GPS.


Until very recently (with the release of Mapsource Trip and Waypoint Manager which does not include maps) when you purchased Mapsource you were buying this program along with some maps in the same package - as examples Mapsource Bluechart included Mapsource and some map info specific to hydrographic (boating-related) information, Mapsource Metroguide included Mapsource and some maps that generally provided street-level information and Mapsource Topo USA included Mapsource and topographic mapping for the good old US of A.


Based on this you now understand that when you buy a mapping Mapsource product - for example, Metroguide USA - that Mapsource and the map software are completely independent products but provided on the same CD as the maps cannot be installed on your GPS without Mapsource acting as the go-between.


And taking this one step further (and using Metroguide as the example again) you now know that when MAPSOURCE goes from version 5.4 to version 6.0 it does not impact the Metroguide maps themselves in any way (whether on your PC or on the GPS). Similarly when Garmin updates METROGUIDE from version 4 to version 5 it does not change the functionality of Mapsource.


This would apply to all the other Garmin Mapsource products similarly.


Clear as mud... ? ;)

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Well-said, Vlad!


However, when upgrading MetroGuide from a lower version to a higher version, (like from MetroGuide 4 to MetroGuide 5) the MapSource updates are generally included as well as the map data. So, when you say, "Similarly when Garmin updates METROGUIDE from version 4 to version 5 it does not change the functionality of Mapsource," I must say that it does change the functionality MapSource - for the better.

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You are correct Neo - from a logistics/packaging point of view what you said is often the case. B)


However, just so no one is confused and thinks this is different from what I just described the example Neo provided simply means that if Garmin releases an update to both Mapsource and Metroguide each and then chooses to release them simultaneously in the same package (as a new version of Metroguide for example) it might appear that an update to one is an update to the other, but in fact each is a unique update and Garmin is basically giving you 2 updates in the same package - one for Mapsource and one for Metroguide.


While installing the update might appear to only be an update to Metroguide there is a separate and distinct portion of the update that will be changing Mapsource - whether this installation is seen by the user or not.


...this might be a good time to start talking about unlock codes... no, maybe not...! :D

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