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On the Sportrak Map that I own the ring on the battery compartment, where you attache the wrist strap to, has fallen off, it happened out and about and we could not find it. Has this happened to anyone else? If so does anyone have a fix for it? I will be trying manufacturer of course, just wondering if anyone had a home grown remedy. Thanks.


Tried a search but was unsuccessful.

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What I did was use a 1/16" drill bit and make a small hole in the support piece just above the screw. It is large enough to fit a VERY small key chain in. Becareful to drill strait across, not an an angle so you shouldnt have to worry about hitting the interior of the battery case. I've had a lanyard attached to mine and frequently let it "hang" while I'm standing still and looking around. Been using it like that for a month no probs! One note if you use the car mount you may have to do some creative rescupting of the bottom to get your new ring to fit. I used a small key saw and cut the bottom out of mine. Yep Im a woman w/ power tools :P





Never eat prunes when you're famished :o

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