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Gpsr Which One?


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Garmin eTrex Vista or Magellan sportrak map?


I have herd and read that that the Magellan will be off up to 35 feet, and that the casing will crack around the screws.


I have herd nothing bad about the Garmin.


I noticed that they are both the same pirce when I went to Best Buy today to pick one up. So I am wanting to know if the Garmin IS better? I no NOTHING about GPSr's. I have read alot on the foruns, but nothing clear cut. I do want something waterproof, durable, can stand being dropped (if it were to happen), and will hook up to my computer. Any advice will be helpful.





Oh yeah, I don't want to spend over 200.00, but don't want anything "cheapy" either.

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I've got a friend in the market as well and told him he could borrow my Magellan M. Marine but should try a Garmin as well.

Magellan was the first I had and I'm just used to them.I beat the hell out of them too and have had no probs..

You should try both systems out before spending the dough$.

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I have Legend (a lower end Vista) and I love it. Your mileage may vary of course.


I also have a real magnetic compass as well... although I think the Vista has an electronic one (DON'T confuse the electronic compass with the direction finder! They look similar but they are not! The direction finder is only 'accurate' when you are moving. If you stop, it won't necessarily point you to the right bearing. This is why I use a magentic compass & the GPS Bearing numbers when I am close).


Whatever you choose, good luck & happy caching! :rolleyes:

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The Vista and Sportrak Pro are a more valid comparison. Between the Vista and the ST Map, the Vista winds hands down. Some will denegrate the reception of the Vista under tree cover, but for reasons I won't go into here, they are full of it. I have a Vista and get as good reception under a heavy leaf canopy as any Magellan user I've geocached alongside.


The Vista also has the advantage of being a lot more compact and easier to learn.

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I am also considering a Vista. For those that have eTrex series GPSRs how do you like the Thumb Stick button? Also how is the resolution (text too small to read?) I read a review and these were the only complaints was the thumb stick was hard to use and the text was too small.

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On the joystick, it takes a little getting use to but it really isn't a problem. The text is about as good as ya can expect on a small screen. I have no problem reading it but I keep my waypoint names small and to the point.


I'm sold on Garmin units. Not saying anything about the others but my Legend takes a beating from daily use. Had to send it back in once because the screen went out on it and their customer service is second to none. Got a brand new unit back in one week with all my waypoints pre-loaded into it.


Nick T

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I did a lot of research, and decided on the Vista. I liked the size and weight more than the ST Map or Pro, but thought the buttons would be easier to use on the ST series. I decided the size and weight were a bigger issue for me. I am not sure how much I really needed the extra bells and such of the Vista over the Legend, but I am a self confessed gadget guy and knew I needed a little more than the Legend offered. :rolleyes:

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