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Rfd: Nova Or Northern Virginia Group

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NoVa or Northern Virginia has been without a discussion board for a while.

The NE site still points to:



Northern Virginia Geocachers (subforum at Maryland Geocaching Society)



This has not been working for a couple months, due to MGS site upgrade perhaps?

PS. Thank You MGS for giving us that area.


Can it be reestablished? or shall we spin-off on our own?


I, for one, do not like pop-up sponsored sites like yahoo.com.

I prefer something along the lines of myway.com. Sample:



Any other ideas. I know there must be something better.


PS. I, for one, do not like pop-up sponsored sites like yahoo.com.

De'ja' vu



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Yeah sorry about that. :rolleyes:


Most stuff transitioned well when we changed over but some got goofed up. I see there may still be some data left but I'll have to check if there is any way to resurrect the forums. Might be good to check the other options though, just in case.

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Cool, thanks TeamK-9 re: www.invisionfree.com re: They're just about the best free boards there are now a days...


I think I have set up "NoVa_Cachers" under Outdoors & Nature (right next to nudist & naturalist, DOH!).


Tried to change to "sports" but would not allow.

Will try again on Sunday.


And still thanks to MGS for past usage.


Anyone else?



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